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10 May 2015

Another Wicket Down!

When someone is murdered, police usually investigate the spouse first.
That is all you need to know about a marriage!

Another one bites dust today.

The wheel of marriage started rolling with yours sincerely back in 2011. Three weddings and four years later, it was P's turn today.

I happened to realise one thing. Not only one gets wiser by age or education but also by the number of weddings or social events in general that one attends. It is always good to know what happens next or what X type of aunties would do or how Y type on unmarried girls would turn up. All fun, none the less.

That brings me to one more experience our lovely little group had when P was being chased by this guy with ugly teeth while she worked for a major dental and oral care brand!
If one looks hard enough - one can derive irony from simplest of the things.

Next fixed in line - AS & AS.
Next looking for in line - AS (how many asses we have with us shocks me!), AC & MS.

Here's wishing P a very happy married life!

(I won't reveal names and use first letters. People being talked about are equally whimsical as I am. I certainly don't want them to not like me, in general.)