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01 May 2013

Continuity called Nature

Other not so important news is as follows. I am limping with a completely removed nail from the finger next to toe on my left foot, heat is getting unbearable as it is supposed to be, work is hectic as usual, I don't find time to exercise, I like to sleep more and I am hopelessly stuck in a rut of work-home routine with minor hiccups like the stupid freak toe injury. Pretty uneventful as usual.

What we tend to forget while ranting like I just did is that these continuous monotonous processes in life are also the driving force for us to graduate to newer and widened laws of nature - even though we may tend to resist them. It is hard to realize the importance of these circles until you find few precious minutes for yourself to think and look around.

There is nothing new with spring and summer. We hardly have spring season though - summer conquers spring quickly and brutally. I happened to be loitering around lackadaisically on the terrace and found the beautiful burnt orange on the tree tops very enchanting.

Green Trees with Orange Flowers

Green Trees with Orange Flowers
Lush Green with a dash of Orange!

They immediately soared my spirits. Something new is happening! Flowers haven't forgotten to bloom and there is green - lush and beautiful. There of course are new goals to accomplish and things to enjoy. Such a rush of positive thoughts just by seeing something that is plain and uneventful!

It is this continuity called nature that changes us and keeps things in track. Hoping for better times and better days!


  1. I gotta find some near my place as well :)


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