• Himanshu Bhagat

The LinkedIn Peer Pressure

Ever felt that 'LinkedIn Peer Pressure'?

LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn being the platform closest to one's professional outlook and career journey, many feel obligated to exhibit a certain kind of behavior. Even more so in locked down times.

- Humbled award posts (don't hunt down one from my posts, OK!)

- Customary thanking the organisation and HR that accepted you for internship

- Thanking anyone and everyone

- Celebrating every small win as a crusade won

- Passive aggression on posts irrelevant to LinkedIn

- Trying to get recognition by posting unrelated stuff in comments in a post of an eminent personality

- Rants like this one?

- Open ended CTAs like thoughts?

Almost everything is important. Everything that is right is a cause for celebration.

Everything that is wrong is worth the ridicule.


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